Camp Information

Dates of the camps in 2023:

  • Cow Camp for adults 3.7.—6.7.2022
  • Traditional Cow Camp 17.7.—20.7.2023 (for all ages)
  • Traditional Cow Camp 31.7.—3.8.2022 (for all ages)

The cost of each camp is 390€ per person. It includes the diverse camp-program, accommodation and full maintenance. Family member discount of 20€ per person, starting from 2nd family member.

In the traditional Cow Camp participants get to know the Finnish cows and other farm animals. The participants get to live the life of a farm and learn to know everything about the chores at a farm, for example milking cows by hand and sheering sheep. There are lots of activities arranged for the participants` free time, for example fishing, hiking and going for a ride with a horse and a carriage. The traditional Cow Camp suites all age groups but it has been particularly popular amongst families. Attention! Young children under the age of 10 can attend the camp only accompanied with an adult!

The basis of the Cow Camp for adults is pretty much the same as the traditional Cow Camp but it  is tailored specifically for adults. For example there is additional emphasis on various chores and more in-depth information. The participants get to separate the cream from milk with a special devise and to make various kinds of cheese, sour cream products, yoghurt and possibly butter. The minimum age of attending the adult camp is 16 years.

In the Winter camp the participant have the possibility to ski, ice fish and slide down the hill with a sled.

What to take with you?

 To the summer camps:

  • rubber boots or other footwear that is suitable for walking in the barn and in the garden without any worries
  • work gloves
  • long-sleeve shirts and trousers for working at the farm
  • trainers or other footwear suitable for a short hiking trip
  • mosquito repellent
  • suitable clothing for any weather
  • swimsuit

The participants will get all their bedlinen and towels from the Bed and breakfast Mustikkamäki.