Welcome to Cow Camp!

Have you ever wanted to learn to milk a cow? Would you like to get to know kind Finnish cows and gently walk them home from the meadows? Probably you would like to feed the baby lambs with a nursing bottle and walk an old goat to the meadows. Or you just need a break from your everyday life and simultaneously you wish to spend an active and exceptional holiday.

Come and fall in love with kind Finnish cows and other farm animals and have an unforgettable experience in unique countryside!

Milking cows by hand

An essential part of the everyday routines at the camp is milking the cows twice a day. All participants learn to milk a cow.

Farm chores

Feeding animals, sheering sheep, walking calfs to the meadows and lots more!

Wonderful experiences in the heart of the countryside

The participants are able to go hiking, to spend a lovely night at a lakeside sauna or to go for a ride with a horse and a carriage.

Lovely moments with the animals

During their free time the participants can relax and make friends with farm animals.









The cow camp in a nutshell

The cow camp in Ilomantsi, Finland is a four-day-long active holiday for everybody who is interested in country life and nature.

The Cow Camp program

The program during the camp is planned with great expertise and the comfort of the participants is taken into account including participants’ special hopes and wishes. Every camp is a unique experience because the program is developed separately to each camp based on the visitors and their wishes.

An essential part of the everyday routines at the camp is milking the cows twice a day. In the evening and in the morning. Simultaneously all of the animals are fed and taken care of and besides that all of the necessary chores are dealt with fore example mending the fences. Between milking the cows lots of activities are arranged for the participants for example making cheese, going for a ride with a horse and a carriage, and hiking in nature. During their free time participants can for example become familiar with Riitta-Miina’s diverse vegetable garden and its maintenance, swim in the beautiful North Karelian lakes or relax with kind farm animals.

The farm and the animals

The Piipponen’s ecological Finnish cow farm is specialized in maintaining biodiversity and protecting Finnish original breeds. Besides the cows there are different Finnish breeds of sheep, goats, chicken and one horse. All the animals at the farm are reliable and domesticated because they are petted and treated well every day.

Accommodation and meals

The participants get full accommodation and maintenance from a bead and breakfast house called Mustikkamäki which is located close by the farm. The happy host of Mustikkamäki called Anita serves delicious and healthy organic food and sometimes bakes tasty Karelian pasties and other traditional Finnish delicacies for her guests.